The 2016 EDRS key findings: A survey of people who regularly use psychostimulant drugs – October 2016


The recent use of new psychoactive substances (NPS) remained stable with about a third (34%) of the sample reporting recent NPS use. The most commonly reported NPS were: DMT (15%) and any 2C (13%). Frequency of use was low. Synthetic cannabis use was reported at low levels (4%).

Nationally about half (47%) of the sample reported recent use of cocaine. Frequency of use was low.

The recent use of cannabis remained high (86%) and stable. About a fifth of the sample reported daily cannabis use.

Recent use of LSD, ketamine and GHB significantly increased between 2015 and 2016, with variation across jurisdictions. The frequency of use remains sporadic for all these drugs.
There were significant increases in recent use of: nitrous oxide (25% in 2015 vs. 36% in 2016), amyl nitrate (21% in 2015 vs. 27% in 2016), benzodiazepines (32% in 2015 vs. 38% in 2016) and other opiates (14% in 2015 vs. 21% in 2016)

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