Impact of cannabis on the neurocognitive performance of Jamaican adolescents
Conclusion: Findings support the fact that cannabis use impairs learning, attention and memory. These results support the need for public health policies aimed at targeting early prevention strategies, demand reduction and the identification and treatment of adolescent cannabis users in Jamaica.

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The health and social effects of nonmedical cannabis use - WHO Report - 2016

Keren Bachi1, Salvador Sierra2, Nora D Volkow3, Rita Z Goldstein1 and Nelly Alia-Klein1

Drug-addiction may trigger early onset of age-related disease, due to drug-induced multi-system toxicity and perilous lifestyle, which remains mostly undetected and untreated. We present the literature on pathophysiological processes that may hasten aging and its relevance to addiction, including: oxidative stress and cellular aging, inflammation in periphery and brain, decline in brain volume and function, and early onset of cardiac, cerebrovascular, kidney, and liver disease. Timely detection of accelerated aging in addiction is crucial for the prevention of premature morbidity and mortality.

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Jane Carlisle Maxwell , PhD Pages 127-140 | Accepted author version posted online: 24 Jun 2015, Published online: 24 Jun 2015

Aims: The abuse of prescription pain relievers and/or heroin is a significant public health concern. This article identifies the changes in this epidemic and estimates the extent of the gap between treatment availability and need. Method: This article uses the national data on opioid and heroin abuse to identify at-risk groups. Result: Findings include shifting from narcotic analgesics to heroin and demographic changes as well as changes in supply and new medication-assisted therapies. Conclusions: The number of persons dependent on pain relievers or heroin and new initiates is more than three times greater than the current capacity to deliver treatment.

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