This is a vital paper, as it clearly outlines that ongoing opiate use ages the users faster than the non-drug using population; even more so in women who are seven times more susceptible to this process . The evidence also impugns the benign nature of long term Opiate Substitute Treatments.

Data show that lifetime opioid exposure, an interactive cardiovascular risk factor, particularly in women, is related to linear, quadratic, cubic and quartic functions of treatment duration and is consistent with other literature of accelerated ageing in patients with Opiate Dependency.

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D.E.A. Strategies to stall/reverse supply chain abuses of Prescribed Opiates. ‘Medicine’ is being hijacked and misused only adding to the vulnerability of the already questionable efficacy of Opioid Substitute Treatments.

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The rates of amphetamine abuse and manufacture are amongst the highest in the world a trend which is particularly documented in Australia.

The domestic manufacture in Australia is widespread.

After cannabis, amphetamine arrests were second highest of all illicit drug arrests in Australia.

Australian criminal groups have developed innovating ways to adapt the manufacture of amphetamines.

Australians in their twenties had the highest prevalence rate of amphetamine abuse.

(Source: International Narcotics Control Board report released 5 March 2013)


Amphetamine (speed) manufacture in Australia is controlled by criminal groups who are responding to the demand.

Laboratories are being detected all over Australia.

Their use causes addiction like other illicit drugs and unpredictable violence, aggression and paranoia makes users dangerous to health workers who attempt to assist them.

Brain and immune system damage, heart problems, stroke, high blood pressure and even death are the risks users take.

Of particular concern is that users are most likely to be young.

Amphetamine users are particularly likely to be in need of drug rehabilitation to get them free of their use and save others from their violence.

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