The results show that any history of cannabis use was associated with an increased likelihood of reporting difficulty falling asleep, struggling to maintain sleep, experiencing non-restorative sleep, and feeling daytime sleepiness.
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Australian ‘Bong Lung’ - UK on verge of steep lung disease rise in young adults - due to heavy spliff smoking?

Researchers believe high cannabis and tobacco use was the major cause of the aggressive and advanced emphysema, independent of any genetic susceptibility, as all the patients had normal levels of the genes alpha 1 antitrypsin and chymotypsin.

Deficiencies of these genes can lead to the development of lung disease in some people.
Studies across the globe have also begun to pick up on this advanced and severe emphysema affecting young to middle aged people who use illicit drugs. In Australia smoking cannabis through a bong device, has led to the rise of what experts are now calling 'bong lung.'

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Predictors of onset of cannabis and other drug use in male young adults: results from a longitudinal study.
Haug S1, Núñez CL, Becker J, Gmel G, Schaub MP.
RESULTS: Not providing for oneself, having siblings, depressiveness, parental divorce, lower parental knowledge of peers and the whereabouts, peer pressure, very low nicotine dependence, and sensation seeking were positively associated with the onset of cannabis use. Practising religion was negatively associated with the onset of cannabis use. Onset of drug use other than cannabis showed a positive association with depressiveness, antisocial personality disorder, lower parental knowledge of peers and the whereabouts, psychiatric problems of peers, problematic cannabis use, and sensation seeking.
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Cannabis and bipolar disorder: does quitting cannabis use during manic/mixed episode improve clinical/functional outcomes?
Zorrilla I1, Aguado J, Haro JM, Barbeito S, López Zurbano S, Ortiz A, López P, Gonzalez-Pinto A.

Conclusions: Bipolar patients who stop using cannabis during manic/mixed episode have similar clinical and functional outcomes to never users, while continued use is associated with higher risk of recurrence and poorer functioning.

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Ryan was not helped to understand why his brain lost touch with reality under the influence of THC–this is the “elephant in the room.” The fact that hospitals don’t consider marijuana a factor in the picture of mental health is a tragedy. We need every researcher, past and present, across the globe, who understands the truth about what pot does to young brains to stand up in solidarity.

The experience of Great Britain was that it decriminalized marijuana, saw a spike in mental illness as a result of loosening the law, and then tightened their laws again. Canada has website on the cannabis-psychosis-schizophrenia link.
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