The burden is higher for some population groups 

Males experienced around three-quarters of the total burden from alcohol use and illicit drug use in Australia in 2011. Compared to females, males experienced a greater proportion of burden due to alcohol use for most associated diseases, but most notably from Homicide and violence (27%, compared with 10% for females) and from Other unintentional injuries (23%, compared with 7.2% for females). 

The burden from alcohol use and illicit drug use (calculated separately) varied according to where a person lived and their socioeconomic position. Age-standardised rates were higher in: 

  • The lowest socioeconomic group (1.9 times and 2.6 times as high for alcohol use and illicit drug use, respectively), when compared with the highest socioeconomic group 
  • Very remote areas (2.4 times as high) for alcohol use, when compared with Major cities 
  • Remote and Very remote areas for illicit drug use compared with Major cities and regional areas