Australian Crime Commission on GHB

Industrial chemicals legitimately imported for use as industrial solvents and cleaners are used to manufacture GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyrate).

GHB has street names of Fantasy, Liquid X, Liquid E, Blue Nitro, Frankie G and Grievous Bodily Harm and is commonly used in rave or nightclub settings.

GHB has been identified as a potential date rape drug because of its effects of anesthesia and amnesia.

The December 2005 Party Drug Trends Bulletin reported that almost one in ten club drug users had used GHB in the last six months.

GHB is commonly taken in a liquid or powder form and is colourless and odourless so is hard to detect in victims.

(Source: Illicit Drug Data Report 2004-05, Australian Crime Commission April, 2006)


GHB use has caused a number of deaths in Australia.

The use of industrial chemicals for club drug use is highly dangerous and disturbing for the long term health of users.

Club drugs are popular with young, educated and high earning Australians who are ignorant of the dangers of the chemicals that they consume.

Australia must reduce the demand for club drugs by diverting users into detoxification and rehabilitation to get them drug free.

Countries that have successfully reduced the number of illicit drug users have cut off money flowing to criminal and terrorist groups by using their courts to direct users into detoxification and rehabilitation.