GHB Death

A 21 year old Melbourne woman died from using the party drug grievous bodily harm (GBH) at a Melbourne nightclub.

The woman had never used an illicit drug until a month before her death. The illicit drug GBH is cheap and easily available at parties, club, pubs and dance locations.

The cheap price of $5 per hit makes it easily available for children.The dead woman was encouraged to take the party drug ecstasy as her first experience in using party drugs.

(Source: Melbourne Herald Sun 18 July 2005)


Party drugs are known to cause death for new illicit drug users and this death is one of a number of party drug deaths in Australia.

Most party drug users do not know of the dangers of illicit drug use and there are no safe party drugs.

GBH causes depression, seizures, tiredness, intoxication, aches and unconsciousness.

Australia is a high user of party drugs with the United Nations claiming we use more ecstasy than any other country.

Truthful information about the dangers of all party drugs is essential to turn young people away from their use.

Australia needs detoxification and rehabilitation programs to help current party drug users to get off drugs.

Many overseas countries have successfully reduced illicit drug use- so can Australia.