Research Drugs Popular

Powerful psychedelic drugs available on the Internet are increasingly being used as new party drugs at rave parties.

These so called research drugs come from the same chemical families as LSD and ecstasy and come in pill or powder form.

They are legally manufactured and have high purity levels because they are used for medical and scientific research.

The effect is similar to ecstasy and other dance drugs and the risks of death and permanent disability are similar.

Harms known at this time include agitation, violence, heart attack and death.

There are extensive web sites and bulletin boards on the Internet encouraging the use of these research drugs.

(Source: The Guardian UK 16 February 2004)


The only way Australia can counter these small quantities of drugs sold over the Internet using credit cards is to reduce party drug demand.

Australia must reduce the use of party drugs by empowering its courts to divert users into detoxification and rehabilitation.

Australian authorities do not have the legal power to stop Internet sales and delivery of small quantities of research drugs.

Research drugs are so new that the toxic impacts on the human body are not yet fully known.

Rehabilitation of drug users must include resolving the issues of why mind-altering drugs are needed by users to mask past bad experiences.