Drugs Fund Terrorists

Terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and Hizballah are sustained by money from illicit drugs according to a leading US expert on narco-terrorism.

The US State Department has identified at least 12 other terrorist groups as dealing in illicit drugs as a source of funds.

Bin Laden's al-Qaeda drug trafficking business commenced in the mid 1980's in Afghanistan, the worlds largest producer of heroin.

As well as providing funds for terrorism, a Jihad by drugs undermines economically advanced countries by creating a public health crisis.

The use of illicit drug trades was supported by a religious edict (fatwa) claiming that- "if we cannot kill them (Western democracies) by guns we will with drugs", according to US government officials

Afghanistan under the Taliban, allowed terrorist groups to cultivate up to 70% of the opium in Northern Afghanistan according to Interpol.

Heroin controlled by terrorists groups is trafficked all over the world.

(Source: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld Director American Center for Democracy)


Harm minimization policies that maintain addicts using heroin creates a market providing drug money for terrorist groups.

In particular, injecting rooms, heroin maintenance programs, syringe distribution and prescription heroin sustains the use of heroin.

Australia has a responsibility to reduce demand for illicit drugs thereby starving terrorist groups of funds.

They Want to Legalize All Mind Altering Drugs

The push for injecting rooms is really about legalizing all mind-altering drugs.

All illegal drugs like heroin, LSD, cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, ecstasy, speed, are dangerous and are mind altering.

The chairman of the Bracks government's drug committee at a meeting on 28 May 2000 confirmed his view in the Australian 31/7/96, "In the long run, I believe removing the criminal penalties is the only way of overcoming the very dangerous and damaging illicit trade..."

This is the real reason behind legalized injecting rooms.

They have legalized syringe distribution, now they want to legalize injecting rooms, then they will want to legalize free heroin to addicts, which normalizes drug use.

Once mind altering drug use is normalized they argue for legalization - that's the real plan.

The process of normalization of all mind-altering drugs has been underway in Australia for the past 15 years this is why drug use and drug deaths have increased.

Government reports show heroin deaths in Victoria have skyrocketed -

YearHeroin Deaths
1991 49
1992 98
1993 59
1994 84
1995 140
1996 169
1997 166
1998 268
1999 359

The Government's drug experts expect heroin deaths in Victoria to be 496 in 2005.

The current policy of normalization of mind-altering drugs is a massive failure

We demand -

Less addicts not more
Don't legalize drug pushing
Less crime not more
Taxes for injecting rooms must be used to get addicts' drug free
More detoxification & effective rehabilitation programs
Prisons & youth centers must get addicts' drug free

The Truth About Heroin Deaths

Harm minimization policies will NOT reduce heroin deaths because -

  1. Heroin death victims are not young and inexperienced
  2. Heroin death victims are regular and long term addicts
  3. 83% of heroin death victims are male
  4. Heroin death victims average age is 31 years
  5. Three quarters of heroin death victims had other drugs in their blood, usually alcohol, benzodiozpines and anti-depressants
  6. More than half of heroin death victims had also consumed alcohol
  7. Smoking, snorting and swallowing heroin are just as dangerous as injecting heroin
  8. Most heroin deaths occur in a home not in public
  9. A minority of heroin deaths are instantaneous
  10. Heroin death victims were using considerably less heroin in the two months preceeding death than were other addicts
  11. Most heroin death victims were not in any detoxification or rehabilitation prior to death

Source: National Centre for Drug & Alcohol Research Centrelines June 2000


Swiss Heroin Prescription Program and Flop

A heroin prescription program for cronic addicts in Switzerland between 1994 and 2000 is a massive failure.

The program maintained the addicts on prescription heroin.

Of the 2166 addicts that used the program almost half (1031 addicts) left for the following reasons -

  • 224 joined abstinance (drug free) programs
  • 379 joined a methodone program so as to maintain drug use
  • 28 sought other treatment
  • 30 died
  • 87 left for involvement in violence and trafficking
  • 34 imprisonment
  • 41 health reasons
  • 154 walked out
  • 54 other reasons

The Swiss government claims that prescription heroin is "treatment".

The Swiss government keeps its most vunerable citizens addicted rather than helping them to get drug free.

52% of the cronic addicts that remained in the program are maintained in their heroin addiction with the consequent harmful health effects.

Of the 48% of those that left the program most are still addicted.

(Source: The Lancet 27/10/01)


Heroin Trials Wont Work

A heroin trial will not reduce drug deaths nor get addicts drug free because -

  • Heroin is a dangerous mood altering drug
  • Giving heroin to addicts will lead to more addicts as trials approve the use of heroin so more people will believe it is OK to try heroin then become addicted
  • Heroin trials keeps addicts on drugs
  • Only detoxification & rehabilitation gets addicts off drugs
  • Governments using confiscated heroin used for heroin trials become pushers of drugs which damage its own people
  • Governments growing heroin and giving it to them in heroin trials oppress their own vulnerable citizens
  • Seized heroin not destroyed and given to citizens in trials profits drug cartels that have grown & smuggled the heroin
  • Heroin trials undermine anti drug work by international law enforcement agencies and are condemned by the United Nations International Narcotics Control Board
  • Taxes must get people drug free not keep them on drugs

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