United nations Calls For Heroin Supression

The latest report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has confirmed that the booming heroin production in Afghanistan is undermining democracy and putting money into the hands of terrorists.

The report calls on the US and NATO forces to get more involved in fighting drug trafficking.

According to the Office, fighting narcotics is the equivalent to fighting terrorists.

The Office claims that it would be a historical error to abandon Afghanistan to opium now it was reclaimed from the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Opium cultivation has now spread to all parts of Afghanistan with 10 per cent of the population benefiting.

The Afghan opium trade is estimated at Aust$3,580 million.

The UN Office claims that Afghanistan is degenerating into a narco-state because the cash strapped government was ineffective.

Afghanistan has now overtaken southeast Asia's Golden Triangle as the worlds major Heroin producer.

(Source: Melbourne Age 19 November 2004)


Australia must reduce the demand for heroin by implementing detoxification and rehabilitation programs for illicit drug users to get them drug free.

Programs that maintain heroin users like injecting rooms and syringe distribution creates demand for heroin and funds money for terrorists.

All governments in Australia have international treaty obligations to reduce the demand for all illicit drugs including heroin.