Heroin Drought Police Comments

Australian Federal Police claim that the recent heroin drought in Australia has been replaced by an increase in imported party drugs.

Organised crime gangs are supplying amphetamines into Australia because the criminals believe that what the market wants.

The international criminals made a business decision to concentrate on importing ecstasy, speed and LSD.

The police claim there has been a 67 percent drop in heroin deaths in Australia since 1997 due to the heroin drought.

They also claim Australia's heroin seizure rate has increased from 8 kilograms per million population in 1995 to 30 kilograms in 2000.

Recent seizures of 1.5 tonnes of pseudoephedrine used to make speed and 212,000 liquid LSD tabs show the demand for party drugs here.

(Source: Melbourne Herald Sun 7/5/04)


The only safe way to eliminate the harm of any illicit drug is to direct users into detoxification and rehabilitation to a drug free state.

Reducing the number of current users of illicit drugs (heroin or party drugs) will help the users to return to a drug free life.

The only way to deprive the international criminals of the money from illicit drugs is to eliminate or severely restrict our illicit drug market.

Overseas countries that have reduced the number of illicit drug users have eliminated their drug market and kept drug criminals away.

Australia has international obligation through its United Nations treaties to not only stop supply but also eliminate demand for illicit drugs.

Heroin, ecstasy, amphetamines, LSD and speed all have scientifically proven fatal and permanent health problems for users.