Drugs Fund Terrorists

Terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and Hizballah are sustained by money from illicit drugs according to a leading US expert on narco-terrorism.

The US State Department has identified at least 12 other terrorist groups as dealing in illicit drugs as a source of funds.

Bin Laden's al-Qaeda drug trafficking business commenced in the mid 1980's in Afghanistan, the worlds largest producer of heroin.

As well as providing funds for terrorism, a Jihad by drugs undermines economically advanced countries by creating a public health crisis.

The use of illicit drug trades was supported by a religious edict (fatwa) claiming that- "if we cannot kill them (Western democracies) by guns we will with drugs", according to US government officials

Afghanistan under the Taliban, allowed terrorist groups to cultivate up to 70% of the opium in Northern Afghanistan according to Interpol.

Heroin controlled by terrorists groups is trafficked all over the world.

(Source: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld Director American Center for Democracy)


Harm minimization policies that maintain addicts using heroin creates a market providing drug money for terrorist groups.

In particular, injecting rooms, heroin maintenance programs, syringe distribution and prescription heroin sustains the use of heroin.

Australia has a responsibility to reduce demand for illicit drugs thereby starving terrorist groups of funds.