Heroin Trials Wont Work

A heroin trial will not reduce drug deaths nor get addicts drug free because -

  • Heroin is a dangerous mood altering drug
  • Giving heroin to addicts will lead to more addicts as trials approve the use of heroin so more people will believe it is OK to try heroin then become addicted
  • Heroin trials keeps addicts on drugs
  • Only detoxification & rehabilitation gets addicts off drugs
  • Governments using confiscated heroin used for heroin trials become pushers of drugs which damage its own people
  • Governments growing heroin and giving it to them in heroin trials oppress their own vulnerable citizens
  • Seized heroin not destroyed and given to citizens in trials profits drug cartels that have grown & smuggled the heroin
  • Heroin trials undermine anti drug work by international law enforcement agencies and are condemned by the United Nations International Narcotics Control Board
  • Taxes must get people drug free not keep them on drugs