Heroin Causes Car Deaths

Heroin addicts cause car crashes that lead to death according to the Herald Sun on 4 May 2001 which disclosed-

  • A 21 year old addict after using amphetamines and smoking heroin drove a car at 115 kph which crashed into another car.
  • As a result of the crash two people were killed and four people were badly injured including the addict's former fiancee.
  • The addicted driver was a convicted drug trafficker
  • The addicted driver was out on bail at the time
  • The speeding car the addicted driver was driving was stolen
  • The addicted driver had previously lost a sister from a heroin overdose
  • The police had not chased the stolen vehicle being driven by the addicted driver
  • The addicted driver was convicted of two counts of culpable driving, four counts of negligently causing serious injury and one count of possession of a drug of dependence.