Record High World Heroin Production

The United Nations survey on Opium production in Afghanistan confirms a record 2006 crop up by 59 per cent over the 2005 crop.

Afghanistan now has a near monopoly on heroin production with 82 per cent of the world crop.

One in eight of the Afghanistan population is involved with opium poppy cultivation making drug trafficking the major part of the economy estimated at $US3,100 million.

(Source: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Afghanistan Opium Survey 2006)


In the past increases in world heroin supply have led to an increase in the purity of heroin causing increased numbers of heroin deaths.

The United Nations have reported a reduction in opium prices so that heroin is likely to be come cheaper, more widely available and purer.

Australia has experienced a heroin drought which has led to fewer deaths from heroin use.

The latest Australian Crime Commission report indicates that the Heroin drought will lead traffickers to look to Afghanistan as a potential source of Heroin in the future.

Whilst Australian border protection has lead to a threefold increase of Heroin seizures recently, Australia has to expect an increase in trafficking and its potential for more heroin deaths in the future.

Our Council supports the reduction of illicit drug users in Australia to destroy the demand for illicit drugs that will fuel the trafficking.