Heroin by Mail

The main method of heroin importation into Australia is by mail.

During 2005/6 the number of heroin imports detected reached record levels but the quantity of heroin for each import was the lowest.

These large numbers of small quantities of heroin imports to Australia indicate a change of tactics by international criminals.

The primary source of heroin imported into Australia was the Golden triangle of Southeast Asia but Australia is developing as a target for heroin from Afghanistan via Southwest Asia.

Criminal syndicates importing illicit drugs into Australia are no longer just importing heroin but are involved in other illicit drugs as well.

Heroin prices per gram are: Western Australia $500, New South Wales $450, Queensland $400, Victoria $270 and ACT $210.

Heroin is easy or very easy to obtain in Australia

(Source: Illicit Drugs Data Report 2005/6 Australian Crime Commission)


Heroin has been overtaken by other illicit drugs as preferred by drug users in Australia.

Illicit drugs that are taken orally are more preferred by Australian drug users than drugs that are injected.

International drug criminal syndicates are changing their methods to adapt to Australian drug users preferences and reducing their risks by shipping smaller quantities in greater numbers.

Australian illicit drug use is four times higher than Sweden.

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