Heroin Glut

The United Nations has admitted the overproduction of opium in Afghanistan will lead to a flood of heroin in the world.

The Afghan government has succeeded in destroying only 4 per cent of the record crop of opium which is being cultivated on 157,000 hectares.

Cheap heroin is likely to make its way to China.

Heroin is the main export of Afghanistan leaving its thousands of kilometres of porous borders.

Due to the war in Afghanistan large areas are still in the hands of drug lords and criminals.

(Source: Sydney Morning Herald, 27 May 2009.)


The Australian Crime Commission has warned of this glut of heroin in the world and its potential impact on Australia.

Australia is a target for illicit drugs due to its high demand.

In order to counter this glut Australia must assist current drug users to cease drug use.

Cheap heroin has been a problem for Australia before and this glut can have a greater impact on our population than ever before.

The number of Australian illicit drug users must be substantially reduced otherwise the harm of drug use will continue to be high.

Mandated detoxification and rehabilitation to get identified drug users free from drug use is cost effective in reducing the high costs for the users and the community as well.