Heroin use Increasing

The latest report from the Australian Crime Commission discloses that the availability of heroin in Australia will continue to increase slowly in the future.

Most of this increase will be in the capital cities of Australia.

Demand and supply of heroin has remained generally stable in the past year.

As all heroin in Australia is imported, the involvement of organized criminals poses a critical risk to the Australian community.

These organized crime gangs are well backed by technology and professional advisors in laundering drug money overseas.

(Source: Organized Crime in Australia {Unclassified report} from Australian Crime Commission released 15 April 2011)


Heroin addiction is the reason for the resilient and entrenched demand.

Heroin demand will increase because the supply of heroin from Afghanistan is increasing.

Heroin has caused a large number of deaths in Australia.

Sustained demand for heroin makes it profitable for criminal involvement.

Compulsory diversion of identified heroin addicts into detoxification and rehabilitation is world’s best practice to reduce demand.

By reducing the number of heroin users, closing Australia’s only injecting centre and diverting syringe funds into rehabilitation we cut off the money to international crime gangs and help addicts to get clean – that’s a win win!