Plentiful Cheap & Deadly Ecstasy

A fit and active 20-year-old Canberra man died after using ecstasy and cannabis the ACT Coroners Court was told.

The man died of a heart attack 4 hours after taking just one ecstasy tablet and shortly after using cannabis.

(Source: Canberra Yourguide 18 June 2004)

The cost of an ecstasy tablet has fallen from $70 in the 1990s to just $35 today in most capital cities of Australia.

A National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre survey found that 66 per cent of ecstasy users bought their tablets from friends.

80 per cent of ecstasy users said the ecstasy tablets were very easy to get and they obtained them before going to clubs and pubs.

(Source: Sydney Morning Herald 24 June 2004)


Ecstasy is the major party drug used in Australia with some experts claiming half a million Australians used ecstasy in the last year.

Criminals trafficking ecstasy into Australia know that Australians prefer to take a tablet than inject illicit drugs.

Ecstasy use is increasing in Australia according to the latest surveys.

Australia must reduce its illicit drug use, as we are one of the highest illicit drug using nations in the world.

In order to protect vulnerable Australians we must reduce drug use to international best practice of no more than 3 per cent of our young people having used an illicit drug in the last year from the present level of one in three young Australian using illicit drugs.

Illicit drug users must be diverted into detoxification & rehabilitation to ensure that deaths, permanent injury and shortened lives are avoided.

Brain Damage from Ecstasy

Even one nights use of the illicit drug ecstacy could cause long lasting brain damage according to a Canadian study.

Ecstacy is a popular party or rave drug used in clubs and pubs throught Australia.

The brain damage disclosed by the study included early onset of Parkinson's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.

These diseases are irreversible.

The baboons and monkeys given the usual party doses of ecstacy were left with severe neurotoxicity and brain damage.

Doctors at the University of British Columbia strongly urged young people to never use ecstacy based on the study.

(Source: American Association for the Advancement of Science)


Ecstacy is one of the popular party drugs in Australia and is freely available for our young people.

This scientific evidence shows that advice that users need to drink water when using ecstacy is badly flawed.

Permanent brain damage from only one use of ecstacy means that governments have a responsibility to actively suppress ecstacy use.

Ecstasy is Very Dangerous

Drinking water while using ecstasy will not stop harm from the drug.

Ecstasy causes cardiac arrest, massive body temperature increases, spontaneous blood coagulation, toxic inflammation of the liver, kidney failure and internal poisoning.

Over 60 cases of death by hypothermia have been found in UK ecstasy users according to the Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence.

In 1995 a 15-year-old Sydney girl died using ecstasy for the first time.

In 1996 a 37-year-old South Australian woman died from a brain hemorrhage after taking an ecstasy tablet.

In 1996 a 29-year-old Western Australian man died after using ecstasy.

Dr. Rod Irvine from the University of Adelaide warned ecstasy users will suffer permanent brain damage that will show up in later life even after ecstasy use stopped.

A 1998 Anti Cancer Council of Victoria survey of 29,700 secondary school students reported that 4% had used ecstasy and usage increased as the students got older.

Ecstasy is now a mainstream drug for the 13 to 40 age group.

Ecstasy Brain Damage Permanent

Dr. Rod Irvine from the University of Adelaide has warned -

A generation of users of the party drug ecstasy are suffering brain damage that will only become evident as they grow older.

Ecstasy users that escape the immediate side effects will suffer in middle age.

Scientists have known for 10 years that pure ecstasy causes brain damage in animals.

Brain scans show that seratomin, a vital brain chemical that has a number of functions, is considerably reduced in ecstasy users.

It would not be surprising if the brain damage did not show up until the ecstasy users were in their 50's.

Symptoms of brain damage will be evident even after ecstasy use was stopped.

(Source: Adelaide Advertiser 17 April 2002)


Rave parties and nightclubs are a prominent source of ecstasy for young people.

With a heroin drought addicts are using ecstasy more.

Ecstasy users should be assisted into detoxification and rehabilitation.

Bizarre Swiss Ecstasy Idea

Harm minimization policies are becoming more unreal.

Switzerland is now investigating a policy of analyzing ecstasy pills near rave parties to make sure they are OK.

The policy proposal is to have mobile laboratories near rave parties and nightclubs so people can have their ecstasy tablets checked out for purity.

This bizarre proposal is in line with the harm minimization policies that are making the drug problem worse.

Ecstasy is very dangerous and there is no safe usage.

Ecstasy kills users without warning.

Ecstasy causes cardiac arrest, massive body temperature increases, spontaneous blood coagulation, toxic inflammation of the liver, kidney failure and internal poisoning.

These mobile laboratories will be used by drug pushers to solicit higher prices from users.

(Source: L'AGEFI newspaper 26 July 2002)


The drug tolerance policies of harm minimization are a massive failure.

These policies lead to more and more drug use.

This increased drug use leads to more harm minimization policies that are more dangerous.

We need policies that ELIMINATE harm and help addicts.

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