Ecstasy Is Popular

Ecstasy is the second most popular Australian illicit drug after cannabis.

Ecstasy is regarded as one of the most significant problem drugs in the world by the United Nations.

Organized crime groups involved in the manufacture and trafficking of illicit drugs now pose the greatest global emerging threat.

The number of ecstasy detections at the Australian border increased by 111 per cent last year alone.

Parcel post is the most common smuggling method used for ecstasy with Canada and Ireland a significant source of trafficked drugs.

Some ecstasy users are switching to other illicit drugs as their preferred drug of use with most Australian ecstasy users in their 20’s.

(Source: Australian Crime Commission Illicit Drug Data Report 2010-11)


Australia is a target for trafficking of ecstasy because it is the most widely used illicit drug after cannabis.

Ecstasy causes anxiety, panic attacks, increased blood pressure, convulsions and frequent use leads to long lasting confusion, depression, memory impairment and death.

As the number of alternative illicit stimulants like ICE and speed become more popular then users will change.

Significantly, ecstasy is detected in a large number of persons arrested for crimes and also in traffic accidents.

There is therefore an incentive for prevention programs and diversion into rehabilitation aimed at Australians in the 20’s.

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