Ecstasy Death

Another death from the party drug ECSTASY in Adelaide highlights the dangers of the use of party drugs.

The women, a mother of two preschool children, died as a result of using ECSTASY at a nightclub in Adelaide.

The women was rushed to Royal Adelaide Hospital but died soon after.

(Source: Adelaide Advertiser, 8 March 2006)


The ABC Four Corners program has highlighted that in Australia there are more addicted users of the party drug ICE than HEROIN.

The only Australian study highlights that there is 73,000 dependent ICE users in Australia.

ICE is a new party drug 20 times stronger than AMPHETAMINES and experts claim that ICE is one of the most addictive illicit drugs known.

ICE users experience psychotic symptoms like paranoia and delusions and the death of neurons in the brain causing brain damage.

Chronic ICE and COCAINE use are associated with Ekboms Syndrome causing halucinations and also extreme violence.

(Source: ABC Four Corners programs 20 March 2006)


The party drugs ICE and ECSTASY are increasingly being used in Australia.

The psychological damage from these drugs is not yet fully known but we can expect mental health facilities to be severely impacted.

There are NO rehabilitation programs for ICE addiction.

ECSTASY use has caused a number of recorded deaths in Australia.