Ecstasy is Very Dangerous

Drinking water while using ecstasy will not stop harm from the drug.

Ecstasy causes cardiac arrest, massive body temperature increases, spontaneous blood coagulation, toxic inflammation of the liver, kidney failure and internal poisoning.

Over 60 cases of death by hypothermia have been found in UK ecstasy users according to the Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence.

In 1995 a 15-year-old Sydney girl died using ecstasy for the first time.

In 1996 a 37-year-old South Australian woman died from a brain hemorrhage after taking an ecstasy tablet.

In 1996 a 29-year-old Western Australian man died after using ecstasy.

Dr. Rod Irvine from the University of Adelaide warned ecstasy users will suffer permanent brain damage that will show up in later life even after ecstasy use stopped.

A 1998 Anti Cancer Council of Victoria survey of 29,700 secondary school students reported that 4% had used ecstasy and usage increased as the students got older.

Ecstasy is now a mainstream drug for the 13 to 40 age group.