Ecstasy Brain Damage Permanent

Dr. Rod Irvine from the University of Adelaide has warned -

A generation of users of the party drug ecstasy are suffering brain damage that will only become evident as they grow older.

Ecstasy users that escape the immediate side effects will suffer in middle age.

Scientists have known for 10 years that pure ecstasy causes brain damage in animals.

Brain scans show that seratomin, a vital brain chemical that has a number of functions, is considerably reduced in ecstasy users.

It would not be surprising if the brain damage did not show up until the ecstasy users were in their 50's.

Symptoms of brain damage will be evident even after ecstasy use was stopped.

(Source: Adelaide Advertiser 17 April 2002)


Rave parties and nightclubs are a prominent source of ecstasy for young people.

With a heroin drought addicts are using ecstasy more.

Ecstasy users should be assisted into detoxification and rehabilitation.