Bizarre Swiss Ecstasy Idea

Harm minimization policies are becoming more unreal.

Switzerland is now investigating a policy of analyzing ecstasy pills near rave parties to make sure they are OK.

The policy proposal is to have mobile laboratories near rave parties and nightclubs so people can have their ecstasy tablets checked out for purity.

This bizarre proposal is in line with the harm minimization policies that are making the drug problem worse.

Ecstasy is very dangerous and there is no safe usage.

Ecstasy kills users without warning.

Ecstasy causes cardiac arrest, massive body temperature increases, spontaneous blood coagulation, toxic inflammation of the liver, kidney failure and internal poisoning.

These mobile laboratories will be used by drug pushers to solicit higher prices from users.

(Source: L'AGEFI newspaper 26 July 2002)


The drug tolerance policies of harm minimization are a massive failure.

These policies lead to more and more drug use.

This increased drug use leads to more harm minimization policies that are more dangerous.

We need policies that ELIMINATE harm and help addicts.