Ecstasy Memory Loss Link

Ecstasy users are 23 per cent more likely to suffer long-term memory loss than non-users according to a new study by the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in Britain.

The ecstasy study involved 763 participants in Australia, Europe and the USA.

It showed cannabis use affects short-term memory loss.

Ecstasy users that also use cannabis faced a myriad of memory afflictions causing cognitive problems in later life.

Users of ecstasy and cannabis faced a double whammy of both short term and long term memory being impaired.

Ecstasy can cause spikes in body temperature severe enough to be fatal.

(Source: Journal of Psychopharmacology, December 2003)


Ecstasy & cannabis are the most used Australian illicit drugs.

Both ecstasy and cannabis are very dangerous drugs.

Long term health problems come from illicit drug use.

This new study confirms the dangers of ecstasy and cannabis published in other scientific studies (see our web page).

Australia MUST reduce illicit drug use.

Programs that maintain illicit drug use should be replaced by rehabilitation.