Ecstasy Use Highest in Australia

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has ranked Australians as the highest users of ecstasy.

Australia has the second highest use of methamphetamine called Ice use of any country in the world second only to Thailand.

The report indicates that ecstasy use is serious and growing.

Ecstasy was imported into Australia from Europe, South East Asia and China with some manufactured in Australia.

Ecstasy tablets were of dubious quality with many diluted.

Ecstasy use in Australia was 2.9 per cent of the population in 2001 according to the report.

(Source: United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime annual report released April 2005)


Ecstasy is a commonly used illicit drug at nightclubs and rave parties in Australia.

Ecstasy use has caused deaths in Australia.

Ice or methamphetamine is known to cause violent behavior in users leading to paranoid psychosis and suicide.

Party drug users should be helped with detoxification and rehabilitation to get them drug free.

Australia needs more detoxification and rehabilitation programs to reduce the illicit drug using population.