Ecstasy Use Highest In Australia

Australia has the highest ecstasy use per capita in the world.

Ecstasy is the third most common illicit drug used in Australia with approximately 100,000 tablets used nationally each weekend.

Young people aged 20 to 29 years are the most common ecstasy users with one on five having used ecstasy at some time in their life.

In the past ecstasy has been imported into Australia from Western Europe but more laboratories have been detected here.

More ecstasy shipments from Canada via Hong Kong suggest possible Asian organized crime gangs are involved.

(Source: Australian Crime Commission, Illicit Drug Data Report 2005/6)


Police have seized more ecstasy shipments but Australia's world record demand is fuelling the supply.

Unless Australia reduces the demand for ecstasy by reducing the number of illicit drug users then border protection agencies and law enforcement agencies in Australia will be put under increasing pressure.

Ecstasy use causes death, brain damage, Parkinson disease, psychosis, birth defects, learning and memory problems.

Ecstasy users need to be diverted into court ordered and supervised detoxification and rehabilitation to avoid young people being permanently damaged.

Reduced demand for ecstasy will also dry up drug money going to international drug criminals, improve Australia's reputation and save money being used on border protection and law enforcement.