Ecstasy Update

Ecstasy has become the second most popular illicit drug of choice for Australians over the last 10 years.

There are an estimated half a million ecstasy users in Australia.

Three primary school students on the NSW south coast were recently rushed to hospital after ingesting ecstasy tablets they thought were lollies.

Ecstasy tablets cost only 25 cents to produce overseas and are sold in Australia for up to $35 each.

With such a high profit margin, organized criminal groups are benefiting from the funds and providing an incentive to establish and maintain drug supply chains.

Ecstasy is popular because it can be consumed in tablet form at functions and does not require injecting equipment.

(Source: National Nine News on ninemsn, 25 October 2007)


Ecstasy has also recently been in the news for the deaths caused to high profile people.

With such a high ecstasy usage in Australia driving demand, pressure is applied to border protection agencies to stop the flow of drugs.

As well as the health dangers from using ecstasy, apart from death, such a high popular use poses the potential for huge health costs in the future.

Australia must now act to introduce effective compulsory detoxification and rehabilitation to reduce the demand for all illicit drugs.

Lets ditch harm minimization for world's best practice.