Ecstasy Damages Immume System

Ecstasy has potent immunosuppressant qualities which have the ability to increase an individual's susceptibility to disease according to scientists at the annual British Association for the Advancement of Science festival in Dublin.

Ecstasy has been linked to psychiatric illnesses including depression, psychosis and anxiety.

Scientists are reporting unusual illnesses in young Ecstasy users like shingles of the eye and meningitis which causes inflammation of the membrane covering the brain and spinal cord.

Those suffering from depression induced by Ecstasy could be more difficult to treat because it negates depression medications.

(Source: Reuters Health)


In Australia Ecstasy is commonly used in clubs, raves and hotels to extend partying and keep them dancing through the night.

The recent Australian Crime Commission report quotes the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime- "that Australia has the highest rate of Ecstasy consumption per capita in the world".

With this high use of Ecstasy in Australia our potential for escalating health problems of young adults is very high calling for higher health and mental health outlays.

Illicit drug use is preventable so future health problems are also preventable which is why we need early intervention programs to get young adults off Ecstasy.

Lets ditch harm minimization for what works.