Australia Has Most Ecstasy labs U.N.

Australia has more identified ecstasy laboratories than any other nation according to the world drug report of the United Nations.

Australia was the second highest nation after Netherlands for ecstasy seizures.

Ecstasy manufacture groups are shifting their criminal operations from Europe closer to their markets like Australia.

Large quantities of pseudoephedrine and ephedrine are being imported by air cargo flights into Australia.

Last July authorities intercepted a single shipment of 850 kilograms of pseudoephedrine from Thailand.

The illicit drug ICE, methamphetamine, accounts for 83 per cent by weight of seized imports into Australia mainly form Canada.

(Source: Sydney Morning Herald report on the United Nations World Drug Report, 26 June 2009)


Australia is a target for illicit drugs because of our huge demand.

This demand is placing pressure on Australian authorities to try and stop the flood of drugs through our porous borders.

Australia must reduce the demand for drugs by getting our illicit drug users off drugs by court ordered detoxification and rehabilitation for all illicit drug users that are identified in our community.

Our Council recommends early intervention detoxification and rehabilitation to get users off drugs as cost effective.