Cocaine Use Link To Columbia

The latest report from the Australian Crime Commission shows that 96 per cent of cocaine seized at Australian borders came from Colombia.

The Australian cocaine market is increasingly diverse in methods of importation and distribution to users.

Australian border protection agencies are targeting the organized criminals that import cocaine using better intelligence.

However, cocaine arrests represent less than 1.5 per cent of arrests with one arrest alone stopping more than half of all cocaine detected.

(Source: Minister for Home Affairs, Media release, 17 May 2012)


Australia is a key market for Colombian cocaine because of our high demand clearly identified by the organized criminals.

This is why international agencies like the United Nations want Australia to reduce its demand for cocaine by reducing the users.

Australia cocaine users need to understand that their money is funding international criminals and the many drug killings in South America.

Whilst trying to stop the cocaine at our borders Australia has to cut demand by court ordered and supervised cocaine rehabilitation.

As scientists have now proven cocaine addicts can have their brain return to normal by abstinence of the chemical stimulants.

Illicit drug maintenance using drug substitutes will not be effective in cutting the funds to the violent criminals that import cocaine.

Cutting demand for cocaine use by rehabilitating identified cocaine users will make it easier for our Australia’s border protection agencies.

Cocaine Perfect For Heart Attacks

Cocaine users are more likely to have heart problems according to a study by the University of Sydney.

Using MRI scans, cocaine users showed a 35 per cent increase of stiffening of the aorta, higher systolic blood pressure and a 18 per cent increase of thickening of the hearts ventricle wall.

The combined effects of the cocaine use are greater blood clotting, increased heart stress and more blood vessel constriction putting the users at high risk for a heart attack.

Previous studies have shown that cocaine use can cause short term high blood pressure and artery stiffness but this study shows that these effects can be long term.

Cocaine is the perfect heart attack drug.

(Source: 6 November 2012)


This report is further evidence of the harms of using cocaine and its link to heart problems.

Supposed well educated professionals and celebrities who are most likely to use cocaine are ignorant of the consequences of cocaine use.

This study confirms that recent calls for illicit drugs to be legalized in Australia are highly dangerous.

Injecting cocaine at the Kings Cross drug injecting centre in Sydney should be stopped immediately and the New South Wales government should close this high risk operation.

Identified cocaine users need drug rehabilitation to get them free of drugs and governments need to adopt the Swedish rehabilitation policy which is world leader in drug use reduction.

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