Drug Use And Schizophrenia

The bi annual International Congress on Schizophrenia Research will co sponsor a drug abuse research track at its conference in Colorado Springs USA in April 2011.

This conference gathers scientists representing a broad range of disciplines involved with discovery in schizophrenia.

The scientists exchange data, techniques and ideas.

(Source: Addiction Science Clinical Practice, August 2010)


This is a significant development of the link between schizophrenia and illicit drug use.

Recent scientific studies both in Australia and overseas have established this link.

Cannabis and amphetamines are linked to schizophrenia by the research to date.

There needs to be a great deal more research done on the link between illicit drug use and schizophrenia and this conference is an important admission of the harm of illicit drug use.

The inclusion of drug addiction agencies sponsoring this conference are important admissions as well.

Cannabis is the most widely used drug in Australia so authorities should take heed of the potential for increased levels of schizophrenia.

Early intervention drug detoxification and rehabilitation should now be given top priority to reduce the use of cannabis and amphetamines.

This early intervention rehabilitation should be backed by court diversion and supervision to assist users to quit before health consequences like schizophrenia.