Brain Tissue Damage from Drugs

A University of California study has shown a massive destruction of brain tissue by using the illicit drug methamphetamine known as 'Meth'.

The use of Meth causes severe inflammation of brain tissue making the brain 10 per cent larger than normal.

The brain's centre for making new memories (hippocampus) had lost 8 per cent of its tissue in Meth users, which is similar to the brain deficits in early Alzheimers.

Meth users fared significantly worse in memory tests than healthy people of the same age.

The destruction of brain tissue and inflammation caused users to be depressed, anxious and unable to concentrate.

Using a high-resolution M.R.I. scan showed up the harmful effects of Meth.

(Source: New York Times 20 July 2004)


Amphetamines are a popular drug at parties and clubs in Australia.

The effects of party drugs like Meth causes violent mood swings, hallucinations, paranoid delusions and uncontrolled violence.

The Australian Federal Police have already warned that massive amounts of amphetamines from Asia's Golden Triangle are targeted for Australia.

Australian criminal gangs also produce large amounts of amphetamines.

Australia must reduce the increasing proportion of young people that are using illicit drugs by implementing detoxification and rehabilitation programs for illicit drug users to get them drug free.

Increase in Use of Speed

International organised criminals that control heroin production have switched their major source of Australian income to the drug speed.

This business decision has brought about a herion drought in Australia and an increase in imported speed.

This decision by these criminals was based on market research that Australians are more prepared to pop a pill than inject themselves.

Supplies of illicit drugs into Australia are dynamic as the organised crime gangs have other countries particularly in Asia that they supply.

(Source:Australian Federal Police evidence to House of Representatives Standing Committee on Family & Community Affairs 16/8/02)


Speed is a popular party drug in Australia.

Ingredients in speed are uncontrolled and contain a cocktail of chemicals with mind altering properties.

Speed induces paranoia, violent mood swings, panic attacks, restlessness, psychosis, delusions, hallucinations and uncontrolled violence.

Australians have a lower concern about speed because the harmful effects are not widely known.

Speed is a mind altering narcotic that can cause death, permanent disability or shortened lives.




Introduced by: Polk County Medical Society

Subject: Michael E. Abrams, M.D.

WHEREAS, Michael E. Abrams, M.D., passed away on January 4, 1999; a member of the Polk County Medical Society and the Iowa Medical Society

WHEREAS, he worked closely with colleagues for 27 years in the community serving the tens of thousands of patients through the Broadlawns Medical Center

WHEREAS, Dr. Abrams as Director of Combined Medical Services at Broadlawns Medical Center educated medical students and residents and fought for the medical rights of the homeless, prisoners, alcoholics, drug addicts, the poor, the depressed, the Satanic cult victims and those with chronic pain

WHEREAS, Dr. Abrams worked effortlessly to expand his experience with the growing use of methamphetamine drugs in our State, and the devastating effects on the users, their families and friends

WHEREAS, Dr. Abrams became known as an expert throughout the country and was called on nationally to provide testimony about methamphetamine and the irreversible brain damage it causes

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Iowa Medical Society House of Delegates posthumously recognize the great work done by Michael E. Abrams, M.D., in his on-going efforts to assist in the war against methamphetamine use and to treat all patients with dignity.


Introduced by: Polk County Medical Society

Subject: Methamphetamine Use

WHEREAS, methamphetamine is now Iowa's #1 drug problem

WHEREAS, methamphetamine use causes irreversible brain damage and devastating side effects which result in excessive use of medical services

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Iowa Medical Society House of Delegates support Governor Vilsack's efforts in fighting the war against the manufacture, distribution and use of methamphetamine drugs in Iowa.


Introduced by: Polk County Medical Society

Subject: Diabetes

WHEREAS, diabetes is a major disease that affects the total dollars of health care spent in the State each year

WHEREAS, coverage under some policies, contracts, third party payers or prepayment for medical expenses associated with proper diabetes control is limited to some patients

WHEREAS, diabetes mandated benefit bills are before the Iowa legislature to provide coverage for costs associated with equipment, supplies and education for the treatment of diabetes

BE IT RESOLVED, if the Iowa Legislature does not pass the SF 008 and HF 292, that the Iowa Medical Society House of Delegates support efforts to have similar legislation passed in the 2000 Legislature.

 to vote on resolutions at the
 at the Des Moines Marriott


Amphetamines by Post

The latest report of the Australian Crime Commission discloses that 95 per cent of amphetamine type stimulants are detected through the postal stream.

Main amphetamine type stimulants include speed, ICE, MDMA, methamphetamines and ecstasy.

Use of amphetamine type stimulants can lead to death, permanent brain damage, psychosis, violence, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, increased body temperature and heart rate as well as organ failure.

Toxicity of these stimulants is unpredictable and these are used to stimulate brain activity and the central nervous system.

Due to large demand, clandestine laboratories for these stimulants flourish particularly in Queensland.

(Source: Australian Crime Commission Illicit Drug Data Report 2006/7)


Stimulants are in high demand in Australia which encourages criminal activity in producing and distributing these illicit drugs.

Increased activity in reducing supply of illicit drugs is being undermined by the high demand.

The Australian Crime Commission report highlights the need for reducing demand for stimulants to help illicit drug users to avoid the risks of drug use.

Overseas experience has proven that supply reduction policies MUST be coupled with reduction in demand for illicit drugs in order to reduce the harm to Australians.

Australia NEEDS a comprehensive and effective drug detoxification and rehabilitation system to be set up that reduces demand.

The Ice Epidemic

The use of the club drug ICE is now at epidemic levels and is more dangerous than HEROIN.

Using ICE for the first time led to the death of a young Queenslander.

ICE is highly addictive and is cheap and easy to obtain with Kings Cross in Sydney having plenty of supply.

Claims that 70,000 young Australians are addicted to ICE and are flooding the psychiatric units at public hospitals.

ICE causes major physical changes to a young persons appearance with continued use.

Psychosis and delusions for ICE addicts cause medical chaos for health professionals that have to deal with users.

(Source: The Ice Epidemic, 60 Minutes, Channel 9, 10 September 2006)


The long term mental health of ICE users poses a significant crisis for psychiatric units and a potential blow out of health costs.

Because ICE is such a new club drug the long term effects on users has not been researched but health professionals have extensive experience on the short term impact on users.

Experts claim that ICE can be up to 20 times stronger than SPEED.

The Australian Crime Commission claims that there are 102,600 regular ICE users in Australia being supplied by highly organized criminal syndicates mainly producing in Queensland.

ICE use causes chronic depression, violent aggressive and irrational behavior, paranoid psychosis, panic, delusions and hallucinations.

The MOST effective way to stop Australians using ICE is to reduce the demand by diverting users into detoxification and rehabilitation.

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