Increase in Use of Speed

International organised criminals that control heroin production have switched their major source of Australian income to the drug speed.

This business decision has brought about a herion drought in Australia and an increase in imported speed.

This decision by these criminals was based on market research that Australians are more prepared to pop a pill than inject themselves.

Supplies of illicit drugs into Australia are dynamic as the organised crime gangs have other countries particularly in Asia that they supply.

(Source:Australian Federal Police evidence to House of Representatives Standing Committee on Family & Community Affairs 16/8/02)


Speed is a popular party drug in Australia.

Ingredients in speed are uncontrolled and contain a cocktail of chemicals with mind altering properties.

Speed induces paranoia, violent mood swings, panic attacks, restlessness, psychosis, delusions, hallucinations and uncontrolled violence.

Australians have a lower concern about speed because the harmful effects are not widely known.

Speed is a mind altering narcotic that can cause death, permanent disability or shortened lives.