Another Ice Death

A suspected fatal party drug death in Brisbane over Easter is expected to be caused by methamphetamine.

The 25-year-old man collapsed at a rave party and was treated for a drug overdose but died in hospital.

Police are concerned about the increasing and widespread use of party drugs at hotels, parties and nightclubs.

Methamphetamines known as grievous bodily harm and ecstasy are usually mixed with amphetamines and ketamine.

These party drug cocktails cause increased blood pressure, seizures, paranoid delusions, hallucinations, amnesia, nausea and convulsions.

(Source: Melbourne Herald Sun 18 April 2006)


Like the recent ecstasy death in Adelaide, party drugs are now becoming and increasing cause of death of young Australians.

Party drug users are not aware of the medical risks of these drugs and new chemicals are being used which cause death and medical problems before knowledge becomes available.

Drug pushers are catering for the increase in demand in Australia for party drugs, which are available in pill form and are easily available at pubs and clubs.

This increasing demand for party drugs in Australia is caused by lack of information on the risks and lack of programs that get users drug free.

Australia must provide illicit drug detoxification and rehabilitation programs to reduce the demand and substantially cut the number of users.