Bikie Gangs Push Speed

Outlaw motorbike gangs have a strong involvement in producing amphetamines particularly with small and versatile laboratories.

These motorbike gangs control amphetamine production and distribution particularly around some areas of Sydney.

The most common amphetamine used in Australia is SPEED.

Amphetamine prices are increasing with the price of an ounce at up to $10,000 in the Australian Capital Territory which is the highest in Australia.

Queensland has the highest number of clandestine laboratories detected in Australia having more than half of all laboratories.

A program by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia to identify purchasers of the drugs used to produce SPEED may be having a beneficial effect in reducing supply of the ingredients of SPEED.

However, drug criminals may resort to obtaining the SPEED ingredients from overseas instead.

SPEED arrests account for 15 per cent of all drug arrests nationally, second only to cannabis.

(Source: Australian Crime Commission, Illicit Drug Data Report, 2005/6)


Criminal gangs change drug supply depending on demand so that if heroin is in a drought they switch to other illicit drugs for money.

If supply of ingredients is blocked in Australia the criminal simply change to importing from overseas.

The key policy is to reduce the drug using population in order to reduce demand which will cut funds to these criminals.