Ice Babies 2

ICE users are frequently giving birth to stillborn, premature, dangerously underweight or distressed babies.

The Royal Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has advised that the damage done to babies by pregnant ICE addicts is still largely unknown.

ICE use has contributed to the death of babies through many miscarriages and stillbirths.

ICE users that are pregnant are more likely to have abruption or bleeding behind the placenta.

ICE use does affect fetal growth with babies born early and quite small.

(Source: news 13 July 2007)


The regular use of ICE and other amphetamines has serious health consequences for mothers as well as their babies.

Protocols for dealing with ICE and other illicit drug withdrawal are still being drawn up for those babies that survive to birth.

The long term health consequences for babies born addicted to illicit drugs particularly newer drugs like ICE are unknown.

ICE is known to cause users to be violent and have brain damage, psychosis, heart problems, stroke and decreased immunity so new born babies can be affected in the same way.

The only sensible strategy is to reduce the illicit drug using population of women of child bearing age.

Less illicit drug addicted women means less drug affected babies.