Toxic Ice

Battery acid and drain cleaner are just two of the toxic substances put in the concoctions sold as the drug ICE.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has warned East Asian crime gangs are producing ICE in super labs trying to take over the Australian market from bikie gangs.

(Source: The Australian newspaper, 5 November 2007)

ICE causes strokes and heart attacks in young people as well as aggression and long term mental health problems.

In Victoria alone there are 40 ICE related deaths each year.

ICE is the most dangerous form of amphetamine and is extremely addictive.

(Source: the Melbourne Age newspaper, 5 November 2007)


ICE use is symptomatic of all illicit drug use with young Australians seeking chemicals to escape reality.

Information campaigns to disclose the dangers of illicit drugs ARE needed to dissuade young people to try a particular drug so are campaigns to try all illicit drugs.

All illicit drugs are illegal because the harm is known by scientific evidence.

Current illicit drug users need help to stop using before the health of a significant numbers of young Australians is damaged beyond repair.

Australia must now act to introduce effective compulsory detoxification and rehabilitation to reduce the demand for all illicit drugs.

Lets ditch harm minimization for world's best practice.