Ice Killing

A man who shot dead his friend was under the influence of the illicit drug ICE (methamphetamine) according to evidence in the Victoria Supreme Court.

The 23 year old man has pleaded guilty of manslaughter of his 19 year old friend who he described as like a brother.

The court heard that both men were under the influence of ICE when the shooting occurred in November 2009.

(Source: Melbourne Herald Sun newspaper 4 October 2010)


Methamphetamine known as ICE is a recently new illicit drug which is known to cause violence in its users.

The Federal Health Minister has identified ICE as causing drug induced psychosis leading to aggression and violent behaviour, stroke, panic attacks, anxiety and severe depression (media release 19/4/2009).

Now we see that ICE use is causing violent crime leading to death.

As well medical personnel in emergency departments of public hospitals as being violently attacked by ICE users.

The latest Australian Crime Commission report shows that detected drug laboratories producing illicit drugs had tripled in the last 10 years.

High drug demand is driving the incidence of community violence.

Rather than dealing with the consequences of this high demand and its violence, identified illicit drug users need to be diverted into rehabilitation to get them free of their drug use.

We support early intervention rehabilitation backed by court diversion and supervision to assist users to quit.