Male Drivers On Speed

Speed is the most commonly detected illicit drug at random police tests in Victoria accounting for 8 out of 10 detections.

Cannabis was detected by one in three detections and ecstasy at one in eight detections.

Males represent nine out of ten positive drug detections with one in three detected drivers less than 35 years.

One in every sixty-nine random drug tests is positive for an illicit drug.

(Source: Victoria Police Media Release 15 July 2010)


With such a high drug use detection rate in Victoria there is now a need to focus on getting drivers' drug free.

After apprehension for drug driving, authorities have the perfect opportunity to divert drug drivers into rehabilitation.

Its time to invest in rehabilitation programs that are backed by court diversion programs that help users to quit.

Safer communities are the beneficiaries of reducing drug driving only if the drug users cease using.

Unless drug drivers get help to quit they continue to pose a risk to others.

These figures show a diversion program aimed at males and users of speed diverted into rehabilitation would have a major reduction in road trauma.

All Australian states and territories can benefit from these police experiences.