Amphetamines like speed and ICE had a 60 per cent increase in border detections during 2008/9.

Amphetamine arrests accounted for one fifth of the national illicit drug arrests during 2008/9 second only to cannabis.

Amphetamine arrests are the highest on record.

South East Asia remains a global production and trafficking hub for amphetamines.

Amphetamines can cause cardiovascular problems like rapid heart rate, high blood pressure and hypothermia.

Amphetamines can cause death and long term use causes violent behavior, severe brain changes and psychosis.

(Source: Australian Crime Commission Illicit Drug Data Report 2008/9 released 8 June 2010)


Amphetamine demand is still high in Australia.

New forms of amphetamines like ICE (methamphetamines) are responsible for many mental problems for Australian hospitals.

Amphetamine use is a major cause of medical traumas for Australian health systems.

Whilst border protection and law enforcement are bearing the brunt of the control of amphetamine use the high demand is driving supply.

To curb demand, ALL amphetamine users need to be diverted into drug rehabilitation at the first apprehension to get them free of drug use.

Its time to invest in rehabilitation programs that are backed by court diversion programs that help users to quit.