Ice And Speed Risks

Most amphetamine type illicit drugs like ICE and Speed are produced in Australia in clandestine laboratories.

Where ICE and Speed are imported, the major detections are focused on Sydney with parcel post and air cargo used by the traffickers to get the drugs into Australia.

There were over 700 clandestine laboratories detected in Australia.

Regular injecting drug users claim ICE and Speed are easy to get and two out of three injecting users have recently used these drugs.

One in five police detainees tested positive for ICE and Speed.

ICE is getting cheaper in most cities in Australia.

(Source: Australian Crime Commission Illicit Drug Data Report 2010-11)


Both ICE and Speed have caused deaths to users so the consequences of the use of these drugs are serious.

As well users are likely to have seizures, memory deficits, strokes, coma, paranoia, hallucinations and hypertension.

Clandestine laboratories are a significant risk to local communities and properties where ICE and Speed are “cooked” have significant health consequences to later residents.

Because of cheaper prices, the risks of ICE and Speed to users will put more strain on health, ambulance and mental health providers.

Police detainees prove the link between crime and illicit drug use.

There is therefore an incentive for prevention programs and diversion into rehabilitation to reduce the number of users.