Ice Still Available

The latest report from the Australian Crime Commission discloses that the illicit drug ICE (methamphetamine) remains readily available but some Australian states report that the market is volatile.

Domestic production of ICE remains robust.

Criminals supplying ICE to the Australian drug users are benefiting from this robust market whether by importation or local production.

The market for ICE in Australia remains highly functional, resilient and entrenched.

There is a decrease in reported ICE use in recent years.

(Source: Organized Crime in Australia {Unclassified report} from Australian Crime Commission released 15 April 2011)


Addicted users are continuing to drive the demand for ICE in Australia.

ICE is highly addictive and addicted users are the reason for the resilient and entrenched demand.

Whilst some reduction in ICE use is noted some illicit drug users have changed to less violent illicit drugs after having bad experiences.

ICE has caused a number of deaths in Australia.

The federal Health Minister has identified ICE as causing drug induced psychosis leading to aggression and violent behavior, stroke, panic attacks, anxiety and severe depression (media release 19/4/2009).

Sustained demand for ICE makes it profitable for criminal involvement.

Compulsory diversion of identified ICE addicts into detoxification and rehabilitation is world’s best practice to reduce demand.