Naftali T1,2, Mechulam R3,4, Marii A5, Gabay G6,7, Stein A6,7, Bronshtain M6,7, Laish I6,7, Benjaminov F6,7, Konikoff FM6,7.

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BACKGROUND: Cannabidiol (CBD) is an anti-inflammatory cannabinoid shown to be beneficial in a mouse model of IBD. Lacking any central effect, cannabidiol is an attractive option for treating inflammatory diseases.

AIM: To assess the effects of cannabidiol on Crohn's disease in a randomized placebo-controlled trial.

CONCLUSION: In this study of moderately active Crohn's disease, CBD was safe but had no beneficial effects. This could be due to lack of effect of CBD on Crohn's disease, but could also be due to the small dose of CBD, the small number of patients in the study, or the lack of the necessary synergism with other cannabinoids. Further investigation is warranted. CLINICALTRIALS.GOV: NCT01037322.

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