Lung Cancer Link to Cannabis

A recently published scientific study of the link between cannabis use and lung cancer has confirmed that cannabis use increases the risk of lung cancer.

The study reviewed 19 diverse studies on the link of lung cancer and smoking cannabis in particular.

Cannabis smoking is also positively linked to pre malignant bronchial disease.

Cannabis smoke also contains similar carcinogens as tobacco smoke but in higher proportions.

Because smoking cannabis involves deeper inhalation, greater puff volume, longer inhalation and no filters, the carcinogens that trigger cancer leads to enhanced exposure.

(Source: American Medical Association, Intern Medicine, Vol 166, 10 July 2006)


There are a large number of studies that link cannabis use with cancer not only lung cancer.

Cancer of the mouth, jaw, tongue and the upper aero digestive tract and airways are also linked to smoking cannabis.

Cannabis use is also depresses the human immune system so that users are likely to be less resistant to disease.

Cannabis is the most used illicit drug in Australia so the cancers caused are likely to impact on the health of users well into the future.

The MOST effective way to stop Australians using cannabis is to reduce the demand by diverting users into detoxification and rehabilitation.