Reefer madness

Cannabis will have a bigger impact than cocaine or heroin according to drug experts at the Swedish Karolinska Institute.

Medical research from around the world is proving that cannabis use not only causes psychiatric illnesses but can PERMANENTLY damage the human brain.

Children as young as 10 and 11 are using cannabis at a time when their brains are still developing will be the ones most affected.

Cannabis affects both spheres of the brain and disturbs the chemical balance of the brain causing psychosis.

A growing number of experts believe that cannabis is THE MOST DANGEROUS drug on the streets today.

Some research on young rats exposed to cannabis developed an appetite for other drugs.

(Source: Reefer Madness, 60 Minutes, Channel 9 on 11 September 2005)


The 60 Minutes program highlighted the experience of young Australians that had commenced using cannabis early and developed psychiatric illnesses.

The program confirmed that cannabis today is much stronger and is used at an earlier age.

Australian cannabis users should be provided with court ordered and supervised detoxification and rehabilitation to get them to cease using cannabis completely before they are permanently damaged.

The current policy of harm minimisation for illicit drugs has failed as it has led to a greater number of drug users.