Cannabis and Miscarriage

Researchers at the Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee have found that the THC in cannabis prevents the implantation of a newly conceived embryo in the womb.

The study of the effect of THC in mice links cannabis to miscarriages.

(Source: The Telegraph 2 August 2006)


This report compliments previous studies on the adverse impact on fetal development of cannabis use by a pregnant mother.

The recently released Dangers of Drugs book in Australia highlights the higher risk of miscarriage, lower birth weight and premature birth risks of cannabis.

A 1989 study in the US revealed that children of mothers that smoked cannabis whilst pregnant had ten times the risk of developing leukemia.

Other studies have highlighted impaired human fetal brain development, smaller head circumferences, shorter babies and voice abnormalities of babies whose mother had used cannabis whilst pregnant.

Consumption of cannabis by women that are pregnant is extremely risky for the baby and the mother.

The MOST effective way to stop pregnant mothers using cannabis is to reduce the demand by diverting users into detoxification and rehabilitation.

As well Australia needs a national publicly campaign to warn women of all the risks of using cannabis whilst pregnant.