Australian Crime Commission Report on Cannabis

The majority of cannabis consumed in Australia is domestically produced, with cultivation prolific in all states and territories.

The price of 28 grams of bush grown cannabis ranged from $150 in NSW to $300 in Queensland.

Hydroponics produced cannabis is the most widely available cannabis in Australia and commands a higher price because it is stronger.

Cannabis is very easy to obtain with widespread criminal groups involved in production and distribution.

Cannabis is the most used illicit drug in Australia and the demand for hydoponically produced cannabis is likely to INCREASE in the short term.

There were 55,000 arrests for cannabis in Australia in 2004-05.

(Source: Illicit Drug Data Report 2004-05, Australian Crime Commission April, 2006)


Hydroponically produced cannabis has a higher THC content and so has more toxins likely to harm users.

Stronger cannabis toxins have a more profound effect on brain changes and these lead to more mental illness for cannabis users.

Medical evidence of mental illness from cannabis use will lead to more demand for health resources to deal with the symptoms.

Cannabis users must be directed into detoxification and rehabilitation programs to get them drug free rather than providing mental health facilities to deal with the effects of mental illness.

The Australian Crime Commission coordinates policing throughout Australia with the support of state and territory police commissioners.