Cannabis Link to Agression

A survey of children aged between 12 and 16 years has shown that cannabis use is associated with aggression and delinquency.

The comprehensive study of 5551 students in The Netherlands found that increasing frequency of use of cannabis resulted in stronger links with the aggression and delinquency.

The study looked at school-aged children and the association between cannabis use and mental health of the children.

No significant age or gender effects were found indicating that the effects of aggression and delinquency were common to all children in the study.

(Source: Trimbos Institute, University of Leiden, The Netherlands)


The Netherlands is well known for its liberal availability of cannabis though legal outlets.

This survey is disturbing as it highlights that young children are impacted badly by the readily available access to cannabis.

Drug induced aggression in children is preventable by eliminating the use of cannabis.

Drug induced delinquency causes problems in schools and the community.

Other European countries like Sweden provide detoxification and rehabilitation programs for children that use illicit drugs and legal drugs like alcohol.

Cannabis permanently damages the brain of children because the adolescent human brain is not fully developed until early to mid twenties.