Maori cannabis cancer

A Study by the Medical Research Institute in Wellington New Zealand has found the Maori community use cannabis in epidemic proportions.

It found that cannabis causes more cancer than tobacco and that smoking cannabis three times a day is equal to smoking 20 cigarettes.

The Institute is finalising the worlds first comprehensive study on the links between cannabis use and lung cancer.

One in five members of the Maori community are regular users with more than half having tried cannabis at some time in their lives.

Cannabis use in the Maori community usually starts in children.

The Wellington Coroner Garry Evans slammed the harm minimisation drug policy and called for strong campaigns against illicit drug use.

(Source: National Drug Prevention Alliance UK)


This latest evidence confirms other studies that highlight the link between cannabis and cancer.

Like the New Zealand Maori community, the Australian Aboriginal community use cannabis at higher levels than the general population.

Australian states and territories that have allowed possession of cannabis plants and cannabis are aiding an increase in cancer.

Cancer of the lungs, upper aerodigestive tract, tongue, upper airways, mouth, larynx and upper jaw from cannabis use were reported in the Medical Journal of Australia

The current trend of increasing illicit drug use must be reversed with policies that reduce the demand for illicit drugs.

Australia MUST reduce its drug using population by providing voluntary or court ordered detoxification and rehabilitation for illicit drug users.